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We Can All Afford to Lose A Few Pounds…
August 26, 2021

We Can All Afford to Lose A Few Pounds…

August 26, 2021

We can all be a little power obsessed – it’s in our blood as automotive enthusiasts. However, don’t rush into that bolt-on performance wish list just yet. Weight reduction is a simple, yet critical, aspect to ensuring your build is squeezing out every ounce of its performance potential. It’s easy, and Motegi can help.

First, it’s important to understand where to start with your weight loss journey. There are two categories of weight you need to consider: sprung and unsprung weight.

Outside of a dedicated race car build, you might not have the luxury of shedding valuable pounds within your interior or by eliminating creature comforts (i.e. air conditioning, power steering, etc.). Your vehicle’s weight – or sprung weight, is the overall weight of every component that is supported by your car’s suspension. Your chassis, body panels, transmission, engine, etc. are all examples of factors that contribute to sprung weight. Sprung weight is usually the type of weight most people think of when referring to “weight reduction;” through methods like carbon fiber body panels, gutted interiors, and tubular crash bars, etc.

Where Motegi Flow Form wheels truly make a difference is in correlation to your vehicle’s unsprung weight – weight contributors that are not supported by the suspension. These include components like tires, brakes, solid axles, and of course… wheels.

Since wheels make up a large portion of a vehicle’s unsprung weight, even minimal weight savings can have a considerable effect on the wheel’s rotational mass – or, how easy it is to rotate a wheel or stop it while it’s in motion. A wheel with a high rotational mass requires more momentum to get rolling, more strain on your engine, and is harder to accelerate than sprung weight. It also increases your chances of experiencing premature suspension and brake wear.

Minimizing your unsprung weight by utilizing lightweight wheels makes for a more responsive handling and steering characteristic. This is due to the reduction of the amount of weight the spring and suspension must absorb – reducing suspension travel and helps maintain a constant grip of the road. Another benefit of the excised weight is a noticeable difference in acceleration and improved braking response due to its lower rotational mass.

When fractions of a second count most, weight savings are critical. Motegi’s Flow Form technology helps shed those unwanted pounds. Our Flow Form wheels are 15% lighter and more durable that traditional cast wheels of the same size and are performance proven on and off the track! Click here to learn more.